How much advance notice is required?

We typically prefer a 3-week notice. Depending on the situation, we may be able to work something out. Don't hesitate to check for cancellations.

Are the paints safe?

We use only cosmetic grade paints designed for face painting. They are FDA compliant and hypoallergenic.

Can you do theme parties?

Yes. Ask us about the theme you would like and we will work with you on your theme.

What do I need to have a successful outdoor event?

For outdoor events we need a temperature ranging from 50 - 85 degrees. This determines the paints ability to perform. In extreme weather, they either melt or turn hard on the pallet thus making it hard to give you a quality job. We require a covering of some sort to be provided, unless agreed otherwise.

What is your hourly rate?

Our rate is $65.00 per face painter for one hour. After 2 hours we will adjust the rate by the half hour if needed. Travel outside our local area may require an additional fee. (Some events may only require 1 face painter, while others may require additional painters, depending on the time period and the amount of people.)

Do you donate for charity events?

Yes, we do! We feel that it is important to support our community. Each year we donate to specific events and charities that are important to us. We consider it a privilege to give back.

How can I book my event?

Call 740-644-8063 to check availability for your event. Then download the contract here and either mail or email it to us.